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Microneedling is becoming one of the most popular treatments for repairing skin with acne scarring, pitted skin scarring and general skin rejuvenation. Using a needle device which penetrates the skin to stimulate collagen production to revive the skins condition. Using the Environ Medical Roll Cit 1mm the skins surface will be penetrated with the needles from the device inducing a reaction of increased collagen production which will plump out the skin and initiate repairing of scarring. There can be a 400% increase in collagen and elastin six months after completing a course of four treatments. Microneedling is mildly invasive so requires anaesthetic prior to carrying out the procedure, allow one hour for treatment, skin may be red after treatment which calms down within 24 hours. After the procedure high strength topical vitamin serums are applied so they can sink deep into the skin through the channels that have been opened. This truly is a treatment that works so well for anti ageing.

Meso Revive


Using a pen like electronic device containing needles along with advanced and active anti-ageing serums to restore vitality and glow to the skin. Meso is not as invasive as microneedling and does not require numbing cream. The needles are at 0.5mm so only a slight sensation is experienced. Serums are being pumped into the skin along with the needling at the same time so the product penetration is greatly enhanced. This stimulates cell metabolism in a more intensive manner and force the regeneration process more effectively. There are three different facials we can carry out
1) Med contains hyaluronic acid, peptides for skin that needs collagen and elastin stimulation and anti ageing
2) Fresh contains Vitamins, Q10 and amino acids stimulating intense skin regeneration ideal for post acne
3)Pure contains Yam root extract, soy extract and amino acids which regenerate tired, dull and dehydrated skin and can lighten skin tone.
Skin can be a little pink after treatment but this goes down within 24 hours. This facial is perfect for all anti-ageing concerns, stimulating collagen and hydrating deeply and results can be seen even after the first treatment.

Ionzyme Facials

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The ultimate cleansing facial for congestion and blackheads or for a general deep cleanse. Using ultrasound and electric current along with chemical peel to cleanse deep down into the pores. The pulsed ultrasound and current is applied to enhance the cleansing action of the chemical peel. Using lactic acid which is mild enough for even sensitive skin.

We highly recommend the steam with this facial to enhance the deep cleansing action of the treatment and allow extraction of blackheads and congestion. The alginate mask is highly recommended for this treatment due to its dual action of cooling the skin and deep cleansing clay ingredients. The mask is applied over the eyes and mouth so not recommended for clients who could feel claustrophobic.


Advanced vitamin serums are applied to the skin and the Ionzyme DF machine is used to increase the penetration of ingredients deep into the dermal layer through ultrasound waves and currents. Just 30 minutes of pulsed soundwave and current infusion delivers a phenomenal 4000% increase in penetration! Designed to stimulate maximum thickening of the skin, normalisation and improvement of elastin and collagen and better control of pigmentation production. Ideal facial for anti-ageing, softening lines/wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring, sun damage, dry skin conditions, dull complexions and all skin types for total skin rejuvenation and a healthy natural glow.

Your skin feels plumper, smoother and intensely hydrated even after just one treatment. You can literally feel the vitamin ingredients seeping deep into the skin. This facial can include steam to make it even more effective. Warming the skin tissues and extracting blackheads mean the vitamin ingredients penetrate more effectively into the skin. You can also apply the alginate mask treatment, this will further enhance the penetration of ingredients and also cool the skin. The mask is applied over the eyes and mouth so not recommended if you are claustrophobic.


Prescriptive Facials

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All of our Prescriptive Facials involve using especially chosen products for your skin. At Rejuvenate we select from ENVIRON, JASON, SKINETICA, ELICINA, KAESO skin care ranges. We are able to treat all skin types with Prescriptive facials so virtually everyone can benefit from a treatment. All the facials make ideal Gift Vouchers for any special occasion at any time of the year.


In this 40min facial you can enjoy a routine of cleansing, exfoliation, toning and a special mask treatment especially formulated for your skin. Clients love to book this facial on its own to revive their skin or after a massage for an essential time out for themselves. Suitable for all skin types.


Steaming is a method that has been used for hundreds of years to improve skin, the reason it remains popular even today is because it is so simple yet effective. The warm moisture softens the surface layer of dead skin cells called the stratum corneum. This helps to free any dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria or other trapped matter that could be causing breakouts and it can allow your skin to better absorb any other products you use after the steaming. Blackheads are more easily removed from the skin, exfoliation takes place on a deeper level and the prescription mask becomes even more effective. Steam facial is beneficial for virtually everyone with the exception of sufferers from rosacea or other skin conditions that are aggravated by heat.


This is more than a facial, it is a "pamper" treat. As well as all the benefits of a prescriptive steam facial where your face receives all the prescriptive care it deserves you will receive a relaxing arm massage, a foot massage and chest, shoulder, scalp and face massage treatment using oils to soften and nourish the skin. Your hands and feet will be encased in heated gloves so that the oils can seep deep into the skin to leave your skin feeling silky and soft. It's no wonder this facial is a favourite in the winter! It’s so warming and cosy.



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