Energy Awareness Course

Energy Awareness Course


A four week course to bring a stronger awareness of our energy body. Through meditation and energy work you can learn how to empower yourself with the knowledge to heal and transform yourself and your life. Each session is a workshop lasting around 1.5-2hours. The workshops are ideal for absolutely anyone who wishes to explore their energy field but especially for therapists who wish to deepen their knowledge and take their work to a deeper level. The course will cover auras and chakras which are the main systems of the energy body, by really feeling them is the only way to know they are real.

Week 1 - Who are you? We will explore the key reason why we lose touch with ourselves and carry out meditation and exercises to bring us back to a powerful awareness. Who are we beyond our name, occupation, personality? Where are you? We will explore the power that comes from being in the present moment silence. Overthinking is a mental illness we are all suffering from as we struggle to find stillness and serenity. Unlock the power to the control of your off button.

Week 2 - Activate your Power of Healing - using the energy built up from the first session you will really be able to begin to play with energy. Creating an energy force which you can use immediately for healing yourself and others. Awareness is rising and its becoming much easier to not only feel these energies but to also see them. If we could all see who we really are beyond the physical form life becomes very different.

Week 3- Own yourself - a huge issue I have come across in my own life and the lives of others are boundary issues. Its great to have empathy, however for people who are sensitive they can absorb too much of other peoples energy. Here we explore our auras and feel them and learn how to strengthen our energetic boundary, what we let in and who we let in. The meditation will focus on a proven forgiveness technique to let go of that which no longer serves you.

Week 4 - Belief blocks - the number one obstacle to progress in life are our belief systems so in this session we explore what are the core hidden beliefs shadily hiding from view hoping they never get discovered. Most of the time they are not even in our conscious awareness yet sabotaging our life and we are not aware. I have devised a powerful visualisation meditation specifically for changing beliefs.

The course is run by Davinder who has been involved in actively healing herself and others since 2005 through healing therapies. Meditation and yoga are a personal passion for Davinder and she completed Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. Using her knowledge in the healing therapies and knowledge of the energy system you will be guided sensitively in fun and interactive workshops. The energy in the room creates a unique sense of peace and calm, the space is cleansed with the use of crystals to create positive vibration making it such an ideal location for these workshops.

Next 4 week course dates;

Tuesday 12th November
Tuesday 19th November
Tuesday 26th November
Tuesday 2nd December

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