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Group sessions offering that special connection with your baby.  Holly Smith who has been a massage therapist since 2012, is now specially qualified in delivering baby massage and yoga training to mothers and will lead the sessions.  The workshops are great for moms that want to offer their baby relaxation and their own special healing touch.  Baby yoga will teach baby skills to advance their development in crawling and walking.

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Pranic healing is a form of energy healing that is a very powerful treatment to heal physical, emotional and mental issues or imbalances.  Kevin Wood is joining us at Rejuvenate every Friday to carry out this unique therapy.  The treatment is carried out seated on a chair and is a non contact therapy.  Call us for more details or to book a treatment.

Six week workshops run every fortnight starting 31st January 2019.
Run by Davinder Bahia.
Davinder will teach energy awareness and how to tap into your own powerful resources to heal, relax, connect and unify on a deep level through meditation.  
Next session; Tuesday 18th February 6.30pm

Davinder is now a fully qualified Yoga Instructor and can now offer one to one consultations for advice with postural/structural body issues, breathing techniques and meditation/mindfulness techniques, tailor making an individual home routine for health.