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Our hands are so special, they literally work non stop all day long and they are always on show so they deserve to be taken care of.  Nails are so important for creating an impression, whether its work, a special occasion such as a party or wedding the right kind of nail colour and look can make such a difference to what you are doing and how you feel.  With beautiful aromatic products especially designed for caring for the hands/cuticles your nails will look beautiful and your skin so soft when you leave the salon

Choose from our different options of treatments for you 

File & Polish is a quick treatment where nails are shaped and painted with either regular or gel polish so ideal if you already have neat cuticles that don't need too much attention

Cuticle Manicure is a dry treatment where any excess cuticle skin is cut down before painting the nails.

Rejuve Manicure is a hand soak treatment especially for hands that need extra care where excess skin can be warmed and loosened before nipping/buffing and painting the nails

The Man Manicure is especially for men to help neaten the nails and soften the hands.  Great for men before a special occasion or general maintenance.



Feet always deserve a treat.  We walk and stand on our feet and make them work so hard, therefore they need to be looked after once in a while.

All our pedicures involve soaking the feet in hot soapy water infused with lemongrass essence.  The aroma is fresh and makes the feet feel alive.  Using products especially designed for the feet the nails cuticles and skin are treated to special attention and care.

With specialist products from CND we can banish hard skin and calluses from the feet so you will feel like you are walking on air.

With a choice of creams, oils and butters for the feet we have something for all types of feet.  Our favourite is the pure shea butter massaged into the feet, its so nourishing and rich.

Your toes can be painted with a range of options, regular polish or a choice of gel polish including SHELLAC.

You can be rest assured after a pedicure your feet will be smooth, silky, lighter and brighter with perfectly painted toes that you will not resist showing off.


  • File & Polish £15 or £20 gel finish
  • Cuticle manicure £18.50 or £23.50 gel finish
  • Rejuvenation manicure £20 or £25 gel finish
  • Man manicure £20
  • File & Polish £18 or £20 gel finish
  • Cuticle pedicure £30 or £35 gel finish
  • Rejuvenation pedicure £35 or £40 gel finish
    If you have any hard skin this is the treat for you
  • rejuve:FEET £45
    For a luxury SPA pedicure! This treatment is part of the rejuve:SPA range and for ultimate feet pamper comes with a heated foot treatment for silky soft skin and extended massage on the feet and legs