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Wake up with perfect eyebrows every day!  One of the most popular treatments for eyebrows is microblading, also known as micropigmentation/semi permanent makeup/eyebrow tapestry. After 13 years of experience in creating beautiful shaped eyebrows Davinder went on to train in cosmetic tattooing in 2016 and can use her eyebrow artistry skills to create the perfect eyebrow shape for your face. Eyebrows have become such an important feature in framing the face, however due to many reasons eyebrows can become uneven or lose their natural definition or become sparse.  Using pencil to make the shape each morning can be time consuming and can smudge during the day. With micropigmentation the results are beautifully defined eyebrows everyday and with the variety of techniques available so many looks can be achieved.  Hairstroke, powder, fusion are all possible with Davinder who is also additionally trained in Ombre shading techniques. Davinder can use both digital and manual methods depending upon the look that is required.  Your exact needs and results you desire will be fully discussed in a consultation. A test patch will also be carried out during the consultation to ascertain suitability for treatment. Davinder has a portfolio of before and after treatments to view at consultation so you can be confident you are in safe hands.

  Consultation and test patch £25
  (the deposit will be deducted from the     treatment)
  Eyebrow treatment £199