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Rejuvenate Within "To Live a Better Life"

A six week course to build techniques to live life more fully and improve life satisfaction and well being by;

Creating transformation in areas of your life that may seem stuck
Understanding yourself on a deeper level to make positive changes in your life 
Feeling more connected to yourself, others and the world around you
Creating more presence in your life through letting go of the past (depression) and coping with the fear of uncertainty of the future (anxiety)
Creating more clarity of thought to improve decision making 
Developing natural intuitive abilities to become more confident about the choices you make 

The course involves using a variety of techniques, including mindfulness, meditation, building knowledge/awareness of the energy body, yoga/body movement and sound therapy/music.

The six week beginners course is a magical journey that can open new pathways to live a more fulfilling life and Davinder delivers the courses in a genuine, fun and practical way that are beneficial to anyone. 

If you suffer from stress, anxiety, feel that you are in pain or confusion, feel that you need more time for yourself to explore yourself, need time out from everyday life then the course will be beneficial and create a new foundation of living with tools you can use for the rest of your life to manage your life.

Davinder Bahia became a therapist after a transformation that occurred in her life in 2002.  This transformation healed Davinder from depression and literally changed her life and formed the foundation for Rejuvenate to be born.  Since 2002 she has explored many paths of  energy work and healing and has built a wealth of knowledge that is now accessible in this specially designed 6 week course.  As well as being a therapist in Holistic & Beauty therapies she has trained as a yoga teacher encompassing her knowledge in all these areas within the course.  

Davinder feels very passionately about the power of healing, not only the role that healing has played in her own life but in the power it has to transform all life, the earth and the world. 


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  • Beginners Rejuvenate Within Course £75