NO HANDS® Massage

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NO HANDS® Massage is a dynamic new approach to Massage and is developing into a revolution in the massage world claiming to be many times more powerful and effective than conventional massage. The massage is carried out by mainly using the forearms and pressure is applied via the distribution of the therapists body weight. NO HANDS® Massage is uniquely tailored to every client as it can be nurturing and relaxing, equally for clients with issues such as muscular tension and pains a deeper session is carried out to effectively loosen and ease tensions. The effects of the massage work on a deeper level and the main experience of clients is that the powerful effects are felt long after the treatment has finished. Conceived and developed by UK practitioner Gerry Pyves after injuring both his wrists it has become the fastest growing massage therapy in the UK. NO HANDS® Massage cannot be described in words as well as it can be felt and experienced. So to find out what it is truly about book with Davinder, the senior therapist at Rejuvenate.  Davinder has had over 10 years of experience massaging clients and has continued to develop through regular training and courses throughout this time. When booking a massage with Davinder a thorough consultation is carried out to deliver the right massage for you and what you are trying to acheive.
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