Massage Treatments

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At Rejuvenate we take special care to make sure every massage treatment is special.  We will ascertain exactly what kind of treatment you wish to have in a thorough consultation so that we can tailor the massage exactly to your needs for the moment.  We are able to carry out massage that is structural and releasing as well as massage which is nurturing and flowing, it really all depends on your needs.

With training in Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue and the revolutionary NO HANDS® Massage you are in the touch of therapists with advanced experience in massage healing therapies.  Using a blend of massage techniques we will ensure you get the massage you need for the very moment you are on the couch.

In a touch deprived world the gift of touch is the most precious thing you can give to yourself and others.  At Rejuvenate we see massage/holistic treatments as a way of life not a luxury.  

Focus Point Massage 
This 30min massage is ideal for targeting one area such as the back or legs or shoulders head and neck or maybe even just the feet!  You could even choose to just work the colon if you suffer from digestive issues to improve health and wellbeing.  We can focus the massage for relieving tension in a specific area.

Relax and Release Massage
This 45min massage is ideal if you would like to enjoy a massage that offers more time to give attention to more than one area or a longer session on one area to allow muscles and tension to release.

Deep Heal Massage
This 60min treatment is the most popular choice, the time allows us to cover more areas of the body allowing you as a client to heal on a deeper level as the massage is extended to bringer deeper relaxation.

Soothing Chillout Massage
This 75min treatment really allows you to be soothed and completely chilled out. Recommended if you are very stressed out mentally to allow the mind the time it needs to find peace and calm.

Body Heaven Massage
This 90min treatment is the ultimate heaven as you are massaged from the top of your head to your toes.  You will feel completely rejuvenated and relaxed as your head, shoulders, back, neck, legs and arms receive healing touch.

Pregnancy Massage
A 60min massage to relieve the symptoms that can arise during pregnancy.  Specific techniques and strokes are applied in a way that is suitable during pregnancy to soothe, relax the body and mind as well as creating a relaxing energy for your growing baby.

promote a general state of well-being
calm and soothe the mind
help to reduce nervous tension
help to lift the mood and reduce feelings of depression
enhance lymphatic drainage by helping reduce fluid retention and preventing oedema
induce a feeling of deep relaxation in the body
help to restore balance in the body
stimulate the body’s natural immune system
help to increase energy levels as blockages and congestion in the nerves are eased


  •  30min Focus Point Massage £30 
  •  45min Relax and Release Massage £35
  •  60min Deep Heal Massage £40
  •  75min Soothing Chillout Massage £50
  •  90min Body Heaven Massage £60
  • 60min Pregnancy Massage £45