Beauty/nail reviews

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Cristina WildeCristina Wilde

I had Shellac soak off and re-applied. The treatment wasn't rushed and care was taken at all points. My nails have a tendency to break but since having the shellac treatment, i have noticed the difference in them completely. They are no longer weak and have grown steadily over the past few treatments. 

I have my eyebrows waxed and tinted, they always look really good and even. A past mistake from where they had been thinned out too much has been resolved after talking through and taking the next steps to get them looking even again. I have had facials, which after discussion i have found the perfect one which definitely helped my skin!

The customer service of the staff is excellent, they are all friendly and welcoming. Holly normally carries out my treatments, she is very professional, friendly and can always advise me on what is best for my skin and always tailors the treatment to me. 

I will keep coming to rejuvenate as they always are happy to help and i have built trust with the staff and i know I'm in safe hands with any treatment i get.

Raychel SmithRaychel Smith

I have eyebrows, they always look really good, sharp, even and symmetrical.  I also have massage which is so relaxing it makes me fall asleep and facials which have helped to improve my skin and spots.

I do not go to any other salon and have not for over five years.  I'm so happy with the results I refuse to go anywhere else.  Staff are excellent, really friendly and personable almost as if you are part of the 'family'.  Excellent products, experience and knowledge.


I have shellac, facials and waxing. I feel I am in good hands and I have developed trust in Rejuvenate staff throughout the years. I do like a feeling of being pampered even if I drop in for a short session. It is important for me that staff listen to me and make each visit a personalised experience.

The staff are always very polite and considerate of my needs, the girls are doing their best to make the clients welcomed and know how to spoil them. I come back to Rejuvenate due to the trust that has developed over the years.