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Body waxing

Woman About to Receive a Waxing Treatment

You are in expert hands at Rejuvenate. Every one of our therapists has extensive experience in all aspects of body waxing. Whether it is a full body or small area you can be confident we will make your experience as comfortable as possible.

There is a choice of aloe vera soft wax ideal for sensitive skin. Tube roller wax for body and the option of hot wax for very coarse hair on bikini or underarms. A lavender cream or tea tree oil is applied after treatment to soothe skin. Antiseptic after wax lotion is available to purchase for £2.50.


Bikini waxing


You are in expert hands, at Rejuvenate each therapist has received specialist training and extensive experience in intimate waxing techniques! We do more hollywoods than any other type of bikini wax!


Face threading/waxing


Facial hair removal requires therapists to take special care and attention as skin can be sensitive and vary for every individual. With years of experience in waxing and threading you can rest assured you will be very happy with your experience.Eyebrows have become a speciality here at Rejuvenate, great time and attention is taken to ensure a perfect shape is acheived.

If coming to us for the first time we will assess your current shape and advise you on reshaping.If your eyebrows have become misshapen we will shadow your eyebrows to show you your future shape. It takes patience to reshape but over the years many clients have been rescued at Rejuvenate from their eyebrow disasters! They are now enjoying beautifully shaped brows Tea tree gel, lavender lotion or pure aloe vera are applied after treatment to soothe skin..


Out of all the places I’ve been, you take the most care with eyebrows and get the best results Chelsea

Thank you so much for doing my eyebrows throughout the years. Friendly staff, kind caring Steff

Love Rejuvenate, no-one does my eyebrows as good as they do here. Really love the quality service Shell


Mens waxing


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Great for darkening light, grey hairs or even for dark hairs to further accentuate eye area. Brows or lashes can be tinted blue/black, black, brown, dark brown.

A specially formulated dye is mixed and then softly applied with a tinting brush to coat the brow or lash hairs.

Eyebrows can take 2-10minutes depending how dark you want to go, lashes are left to tint for 10-15minutes.

A tint test is required 24hrs before to test for allergic reaction




before and after lash/brow tint


Spray tanning


For a beautiful bronze look for every skin colour. With a choice four different shades we can find the right shade for what you are looking for. We use Nouvatan for a superior natural tan colour. No hints of orange here!Even coverage lasting for up to one week. Free from artificial preservatives with a pleasant fragrance so safe for all skin types.

Beauty/nail reviews

  • Full leg/Half leg    £19/12
  • Thighs    £13
  • Buttocks    £8
  • Full leg buttocks    £22
  • Full arm/Half arm    £14/7
  • Underarms    £7
  • Full arm underarms    £16
  • Full leg bikini    £25
  • Full leg, bikini uarms    £29
  • Legs, bikini, arms, uarms    £35
  • Abdomen
  • Back    £10
  • Chest    £14
  • Full body   £8
  • Full body    £45
  • Hollywood / Brazilian   £50
  • Bikini general tidy    £12
  • Extended Bikini includes underneath along pant line too    £14
  • Brazilian for a strip effect, going all the way in underneath    £18
  • Brazilian Deluxe includes inside of butt cheeks too    £20
  • Hollywood     £22
  • Eyebrows    £6.50
  • Lip    £4
  • Nasal hair    £3
  • Chin or neck    £4
  • Sides    £5
  • Lip/chin    £7
  • Chin/neck    £7
  • Lip/chin/neck    £10
  • Face    £12
  • Face/brows    £16
  • Brows, lip chin    £12
  • Eyebrows    £6
  • Back    £20
  • Chest    £15
  • Abdomen    £10
  • Half leg    £13
  • Full leg    £22
  • Half arm    £9
  • Full arm    £16
  • Back/shoulders/upperarms    £25
  • Back/chest    £30
  • Back/chest/abdomen    £35
  • Full body    £55
  • Eyebrow tint     £5
  • Eyelash tint     £12
  • Lash & brow tint     £16
  • Full body    £20
  • Legs    £8
  • Face    £5
  • Face, chest, arms    £12
  • Course of 2    £35
  • Course of 3    £45