Baby massage & yoga

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We are delighted to expand our services by offering Baby Massage & Yoga Courses.  Rejuvenate has encompassed many aspects of well being therapies since 2006 and believes in providing therapeutic massage right from the early stages of development to create a healthy foundation of development.  

Baby Massage & Yoga can help mothers give their infant the best possible start in life, promoting health and the feeling of security that all babies crave.

The immediate benefits of regular baby massage include a marked improvement in sleep duration & quality, improved circulation, healthier muscle tone and a feeling of deep relaxation.  Baby massage provides a wonderful sense of calmness for the baby through the reduction of stress causing hormones.

Baby massage is especially effective in premature babies, massage techniques can be adapted to help increase much needed weight gain and prevent any further well-being complications.  Babies with special needs also are well known to benefit from regular skilled massage.

Alleviates symptoms of colic, teething, painful wind & constipation, aids in soothing teething pains, encourages babies to sleep better, provides a relaxing activity for both mother and baby, can help to reduce post natal depression and help baby and parent to improve that special bond, helps stimulate health system & functions of baby including co-ordination, respiration, digestion, learning and language development.

Holly Smith will be leading the courses.  Holly has been a massage therapist since 2012 and as well as specialising in delivering Baby Massage & Yoga, is expanding her skills in what she feels most passionate about which are maternity therapies including pregnancy massage.




  • BABY MASSAGE £55 Course of 6 
  • BABY YOGA £55 Course of 6 
  • One to One session £40 per hour