Lip enhancement

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Lip injectables are designed especially for the lip area to create youthful looking, plumper lips.  You can choose just upper or lower lip or the whole lip area.  Women of all ages with thin or thinning lips can benefit from lip enhancement treatment. Lip enhancement will give a more defined smile, enhance your pout, can help turn the corners of the mouth upwards and gives lips an overall more youthful appearance. The lip filler products have been specifically designed to feel smooth inside the lips so that they feel natural. The procedure takes up to 45 minutes to carry out.  The nurse will firstly apply anaesthtic to the lips to numb the area, then lip filler is carefully injected into to the area to give you more natural fuller lips. Our nurse is highly trained in the latest injectable techniques.  A full consultation takes place to ascertain what you require. The results of a good treatment depend on the practitioner and Rejuvenate is fortunate to have Kim, who has been administering injectable treatments for over 10 years and has had continuous on going training in the latest techniques.  During your consultation you can speak to Kim about your treatment and ask her questions about the products she will use.