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Skin care that really makes the difference! Rejuvenate has been using Environ products and carrying out Environ skin treatments for the last 9 years.  We have remained faithful to this brand due to the versatility and proven effectiveness of the products. Vitamin A is the vital ingredient in the Environ range.  The ingredients in Environ products are at a much higher level and more active than high street products, which is why they can only be dispensed by skin care experts in professional institutions.  The active ingredients are available in different strengths and have been proven to bring real long term results that are visible for:
Dry skin
Oily skin
Thick sun damaged skin
The Environ range is vast and tailored for your skin so we recommend you call us on 01902 312 871 to discuss your requirements.

Environ Devices

A range of hand held needling devices to work with Environ skin care products.

Cosmetic Roll-Cit £62

A hand held needling device for use at home to enhance the penetration of Environ skin care vitamins into the deeper layers of the skin. A roller with fine needles is rolled over skin after which Environ creams are applied. This greatly improves the anti ageing results that can be achieved.

Cosmetic Focus-Cit £30.00

imagerollcit-90x150 Small hand held needling device that allows you to needle specific areas such as frown lines on the forehhead, crows feet around the eye and lines around mouth area. Needling enhances the penetration of Environ active creams into the skin. Please note: Needling is only recommended for those clients who have been using the Environ AVST Vitamin range for at least one month and are using at the very least level 2 of the AVST range. imagefocuscit-150x150
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