Manicures/CND Shellac

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imageshellac1Always dreamed of nail polish that doesn’t chip? Well your dreams have come true! Shellac nail polish for natural nails can last for up to 2 weeks without chipping. Great for holidays, weddings and general wear. The look is so smooth and glossy that most people who try it become addicted.  Matte finish also now availabe.

With zero dry time your nails are ready to go immediately after treatment.  No smudging scares.
Another advantage is that it does not damage the nails the way extensions do. Make sure you do not peel it off and ensure shellac is soaked in acetone and buffed off to avoid drying out the nails. After removal apply oil to moisturise the nails.

At Rejuvenate you can choose from the full range of CND Shellac colours or if you fancy regular nail polish and manicures that is also available.