Nail Extensions

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Nail extensions are a great way to enhance nails for clients who struggle to grow their nails and tend to bite and pick and also for clients who have very short nail beds. Ideal for special occasions such as weddings, parties or proms, we can tailor the extensions to exactly what you require. Square, rounded, pointy, its up to you. Choose from french look, natural look or have them painted.  The length is entirely up to you too, some clients love the extra long talons others prefer a natural enhancement! Nail extensions are booked with Kirsty Smith who really is an expert in nail treatments.  Kirsty has been at Rejuvenate for 6 years and never uses drills or aggressive techniques.  Gentle and caring in her approach to all nail treatments, she will look after nails that have extensions applied on a regular basis.  She is also an extremely creative nail artist and has performed many wedding nails.  If you need nails for a special occasion bring in a picture of your outfit and Kirsty will create a unique nail set for you.  If preparing for a special occasion make sure you book your appointment well in advance so as not to be disappointed.
Kirsty, Kirsty, Kirsty! Fabulous nail technician. Love the pampering, chat end product. You are extremely professional, very polite, very honest and very very good and talented in your work.  I love my nails you are the best yet..Bev