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Prescriptive Facial

Enjoy a relaxing facial and let your skin benefit from a cleanse, exfoliation, tone and prescription mask. Any skin type can benefit from pampering. We will assess your skin beforehand and use carefully selected products specific for your skin. (30mins)

Prescriptive Steam Facial

Steaming is a method that has been used for hundreds of years to improve skin, the reason it remains popular even today is because it is so simple yet effective. The warm moisture softens the surface layer of dead skin cells called the stratum corneum.This helps to free any dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria or other trapped matter that could be causing breakouts and it can allow your skin to better absorb any other products you use after the steaming. Blackheads are more easily removed from the skin, exfoliation takes place on a deeper level and the prescription mask becomes even more effective. Steam facial is beneficial to virtually everyone with the exception of sufferers from rosacea or other skin conditions that are aggravated by heat. (1hr))

Prescriptive Pamper Facial

Let your skin benefit from a deep cleansing steam facial as this facial consists of a full steam facial. What makes this deluxe is the pampering massage you receive with the facial. Let your body relax with arm massage while your face is steamed. Rich oils are applied to the skin on your hands and feets then wrapped in cloth before being placed in heated mitts. Heaven in winter when circulation slows down to the extremities. Whilst the prescription mask sets on the face your neck shoulders and scalp will receive a relaxing massage. Once your skin is thoroughly cleansed the therapist will carry out a pressure point massage application of serums into the skin. Very pampering and very relaxing! (1hr20mins)

Lonzyme Skin Fresh

This is a deeply cleansing facial. Lactic Acid 10% peel is applied to the skin. Lactic acid is very versatile yet mild enough to use on sensitive skin. The pulsed iontophoresis and sonophoresis is applied to enhance the cleansing action of the lactic acid. The effect is to clean deep down into your pores so that dead outer skin is lightly peeled away to reveal a fresher, brighter,smoother complexion. Recommended for congested skin, acne, pimples, scarring, blackheads and rough textured skin or for skin that just needs a good deep cleanse. We highly recommend the steam with this facial to enhance the deep cleansing action of the facial and allow extraction of blackheads and congestion. The alginate mask is highly recommended for this treatment due to its dual action of cooling the skin and deep cleansing clay ingredients. The mask is applied over the eyes and mouth so not recommended for clients who could feel claustrophobic.

Lonzyme Skin Glow

Advanced vitamin serums are applied to the skin and the Ionyme DF machine is used to increase the penetration of ingredients deep into the dermal layer. Just 30minutes of pulsed iontophoresis and sonophoresis infusion delivers a phenomenal 4000% increase in penetration! Designed to stimulate maximum thickening of the skin, normalisation and improvement of elastin and collagen and better control of pigmentation production. Ideal facial for anti-ageing, pigmentation, scarring, sun damage, dry skin conditions, dull complexions and all skin types for total skin rejuvenation and a healthy natural glow. You skin feels plumper, smoother and intensely hydrated even after just one treatment. You can literally feel the vitamin ingredients seeping deep into the skin.This facial can include steam to make it even more effective. Warming the skin tissues and extracting blackheads mean the vitamin ingredients penetrate more effectively into the skin.You can also apply the alginate mask treatment, this will further enhance the penetration of ingredients and also cool the skin. The mask is applied over the eyes and mouth so not recommended if you are claustrophobic.

Ionzyme Intense C Peel

Intense C Peel specifically targets pigmentation and uneven skin tone or skin that needs to be brightened. It is also recommended for photo ageing and lines and wrinkles. The Intense C Peel solution is fortified with extra strength vitamin C which lightens and brightens skin tone and brings anti ageing benefits. Used with the Ionzyme DF Machine the solution is applied to the skin and pulsed iontophoresis and sonophoresis is used to enhance the penetration of the ingredients deep into the dermal layers of the skin. The 4000% increase in penetration of ingredients brings visible results to the skin. The ingredients are left on the skin after the facial as absorption process continues for an hour after the facial. Your skin will look luminous and bright after the facial. A course of weekly treatments are recommended to give the best results.

Ionzyme Collagen Power


NEW Environs latest collagen boosting treatment!

Young, smooth skin becomes wrinkled over time due to collagen that is destroyed and not replaced. A course of intensive Collagen Power treatments will assist in creating an overall improved skin appearance, softening fine lines, tightening lax skin and refining the appearance of scarring and uneven skin texture.

Collagen production in the skin starts to slow down from the age of 25 years old and its depletion is one of the key factors played in ageing of the skin.

The treatment is carried out using the latest Environ “Sono DFP 312” peptide serum which contains Matrixyl 3000, Trylagen and Matrixyl Synthe 6, specially formulated to be applied with the Ionzyme DF machine using low frequency sonophoresis and iontophoresis. These ingredients have been identified as fundamental in superior anti-ageing products. They support various processes in the skin which assist in smooting lines/wrinkles and making the skin appear plumper and more radiant.

Collagen power is recommended for anyone from the age of 25 years old with photo damaged skin.

Massage/facial reviews
  • Express facial  £30
  • Steam facial  £40
  • Deluxe facial (1hr20mins)  £50
  • Ionzyme Skin Fresh   £55
  • Ionzyme Skin Fresh with steam OR mask    £60
  • Ionzyme Skin Fresh with steam AND mask    £65
  • Ionzyme Skin Fresh nose treatment   £25
  • Ionzyme Skin Glow    £55
  • Ionzyme Skin Glow with steam OR mask    £60
  • Ionzyme Skin Glow with steam AND mask    £65