Spray tanning

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For a beautiful bronze look for every skin colour. With a choice four different shades we can find the right shade for what you are looking for. Ranging from 10% to 16% we will match the right shade to your skin.  The main guide will be your natural skin tone, if you are light skinned 10% tan will be the right bronze shade.  For olive toned skins the 12-14% solution will give the skin a deeper shade.  The main mistake made is when a tan is applied that is too dark for the original skin tone. At Rejuvenate we promote the shade that will give you a natural enhancement. We use Nouvatan for a superior natural tan colour. No hints of orange here!  Provides even coverage lasting for up to one week.  Free from artificial preservatives with a pleasant fragrance so safe for all skin types. Before treatment: Exfoliate skin before treatment and make sure you do not apply cream, moisturiser, deodrants, perfumes on the skin.  If a tan is applied over perfumed products the tan will turn green. Wear loose clothing so the tan can set on the skin.  You will need to leave the tan to develop for 6 hours before having a shower, so make sure you allow time for this when you book your appointment, During treatment: You can undress to what you feel comfortable and stick feety and hair cap will be provided to prevent staining on the soles of feet and hair.  A barrier cream will be applied to the palms of your hands and wrists to prevent staining on those areas. After treatment: Allow the tan to develop for at least 6 hours then shower off.  Make sure you apply plenty of moisturiser to enhance the tan and make it last longer. Any other questions you have please call us at the salon.