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Facial hair removal requires therapists to take special care and attention as skin can be sensitive and vary for every individual.  With years of experience in waxing and threading you can rest assured you will be very happy with your experience.  Eyebrows have become a speciality here at Rejuvenate, great time and attention is taken to ensure a perfect shape is achieved. If coming to us for the first time we will assess your current shape and advise you on reshaping.  If your eyebrows have become misshapen we will shadow your eyebrows to show you your future shape.  It takes patience to reshape but over the years many clients have been rescued at Rejuvenate from their eyebrow disasters!  They are now enjoying beautifully shaped brows.  Tea tree gel, lavender lotion or pure aloe vera are applied after treatment to soothe skin.
  • Eyebrows    £6.50
  • Lip    £4
  • Nasal hair    £3
  • Chin or neck    £4
  • Sides    £5
  • Lip/chin    £7
  • Chin/neck    £7
  • Lip/chin/neck    £10
  • Face    £12
  • Face/brows    £16
  • Brows, lip chin    £12